MYHealth Team

MYHealth Team

Team Members

Melissa DeJonckheere

Melissa DeJonckheere is the lead investigator of MYHealth and an Assistant Professor in the University of Michigan’s Department of Family Medicine. Her research focuses on community-engaged and adolescent-centered approaches to health equity. From her experience teaching adolescents in an under-resourced special education classroom, she is driven to actively mentor youth to make the transition to college and pursue science careers. She likes to spend most of her time outside and talking to her dogs.

Lisa Vaughn

Lisa Vaughn is a Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine/Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and of Educational Studies at the University of Cincinnati. Lisa’s research focuses on group process and participatory and qualitative methodologies that engage community stakeholders in the research process. She has cultivated several successful CBPR community-academic partnerships and has concrete expertise in establishing co-researcher and youth-driven models of research engagement. When not working, Lisa loves to do collage art and spend time with her kids at musical and theater performances. She is currently taking tap dance lessons to further embarrass her teenager!

Tammy Chang

Tammy Chang is an Associate Professor in the University of Michigan Department of Family Medicine and the founding director of MyVoice. MyVoice is the text message poll that is used in MYHealth to collect data from a large, national sample of youth. She actively mentors numerous students to fill the pipeline of future health researchers. She loves being in nature, hanging out with her family, and eating ice cream!

Marika Waselewski

Marika Waselewski is the program manager for MyVoice and a research project manager in the University of Michigan Department of Family Medicine. Her research interests are in the use of technology to improve public health outcomes and quality of care. In her free time Marika enjoys cheering on Michigan sports, laughing with friends, playing with her baby boy, and being active!

Matt Diemer

Matt Diemer is a Professor of Education in the Combined Program of Education and Psychology at the University of Michigan. His research focuses on how historically marginalized young people develop and how they challenge external barriers in school, work, and politics. He is working on a place-based STEM education program in Southeast Michigan that emphasizes the relevance of science for the cultures and communities of young people. In his free time he likes to coach youth soccer and play in “old man” soccer leagues.

Daphne C. Watkins

Daphne C. Watkins is a Professor at the University of Michigan, with faculty appointments in the School of Social Work and the Institute for Social Research. She is the director of the Curtis Center for Health Equity Research and Training, the Certificate Program in Mixed Methods Research, and the YBMen Project. Her work aims to design, implement, and evaluate programs that improve the mental health of Black men and boys. In her free time Daphne enjoys reading and dancing.

Allison Allen - Rockman
Alison Allen

Alison Allen has over five years of experience conducting educational research in formal and informal settings with school leaders, teachers, and students. At Rockman, she primarily works on evaluations of projects related to STEM education and teacher development. In her free time she loves to play with her kids in nature and visit coffee shops around town.

Sam Chuisano

Sam Chuisano is the MYHealth program manager and a Research Specialist in the Department of Family Medicine at University of Michigan. Her research interests include chronic illness, maternal-child health, and underrepresented groups. Outside of work, you can find Sam spending time with her dog Lily in the summers and bundled up quilting or knitting in the winter.

Jane Rafferty

Jane Rafferty is a Senior Research Associate at the School of Social Work. She has experience working on research projects that explore differences in health among people of different race and ethnic groups. The goal of these research projects is to plan programs that will decrease gaps in health status among race and ethnic groups. Jane enjoys cooking and has not met a spice that she did not like.