Frequently Asked Questions

Summer Launch 2024

In 2024, MYHealth Summer Launch will take place from Monday, July 29th through Friday, August 9th 2024. Sessions will begin at 12pm each day and end between 4pm and 5pm each. The program is 100% virtual.

Anyone who:

  • Is at least 14 years old
  • Is currently a student at a high school in Southeast Michigan OR graduated within the last 6 months, and
  • Can attend the 10-day online Summer Launch program from 12pm – 5pm each day Monday through Friday 7/29 – 8/9/2024

Interested students can apply through May 15th, 2024 online using this link:

MYHealth is a completely free program! You do not need to pay anything to join or be part of the program.

MYHealth will provide all students with a laptop computer that they can use for the duration of the program.

In 2024, we have space for roughly 55 students. We receive dozens of applications each year and try to make space for as many people as we can.

MYHealth Summer Launch students are paid $10 for every hour of the program that they complete. On average, we expect the summer program to last between about 50 hours in total ($500 can be earned).

In addition, students are asked to complete 15- to 20-minute surveys at the start and end of the program and are invited to complete a post-program interview. Students can earn $20 per survey completed and $25 if they complete the interview.

Students can choose to either get a Visa Gift card or a check sent to their house after the program ends.

Students are asked to attend all program sessions, complete some independent online activities, and complete surveys and a follow-up interview. The MYHealth research team is hoping to understand how a research training program can influence high school students’ interest in research and ability to see themselves as researchers (researcher identity). The surveys and interview guide contain questions that help us to understand these pathways to choosing a research career in the future.

For more on what you can expect, feel free to review our informed consent document that all program students (and their parent/guardian if they are younger than 18) are asked to sign upon enrolling.

During the MYHealth Summer Launch, students can expect to learn more about the basics of research like what it is, why we do it, and how we make sure we do it well. We will also learn more about MyVoice, a national text message poll of youth, that our academic year students use to conduct their own research project.

MYHealth is accepting applications through May 15th. We will begin sending acceptance emails in late May/early June.

Yes. However, we strongly encourage everyone use the program-provided computers to help reduce technology issues.

In 2024, the MYHealth program will be completely virtual. We will incorporate lots of chats with undergraduate students and faculty from the University of Michigan to answer questions about what life on campus is like.

The MYHealth study team! You can email us at You can also attend one of our Spring Open Houses to get your questions answered live.

Small groups typically rotate each day or throughout the day in the Summer Launch program so students have a chance to interact with all of their peers.

Every day of the MYHealth Summer Launch will look different. Typically, you can expect to start the day with a jumpstart activity where we get to know our teammates better and get excited about what’s in store for the day. Throughout the day we will alternate between a larger group where everyone is together and smaller groups. In both larger and smaller groups, you can expect to complete activities that will help you learn more about research. Activities might look like games, polls, discussions, or maybe something else.

No, you do not need to be in Michigan during the Summer Launch to participate as long as:

  • you are at least 14 years old
  • you are a high school student from Southeast Michigan (or graduated in the last 6 months)
  • AND will have access to internet and be able to join.
All students who complete the Summer Launch program are eligible to participate in the Impact Projects program. After Summer Launch is over, students will apply and indicate why they want to be part of Impact Projects.

Typically the Impact Projects meeting times are pre-selected and students who are able to join can be part of Impact Projects.

The research topic is 100% student generated. Over the summer and at the start of the academic year, students complete activities to help them generate ideas and narrow in on a research topic that is interesting to the entire group.